Be in control.
Set your price, sell direct to your customer.
Keep up to 85% of the royalties!

Stock photo marketplace
will never be the same again.

The advancement of technology impacts different industries. With blockchain technology, photographers can now deal direct with users, making more royalties than ever. Imagol is here to revolutionize stock photography.

Revolutionize the stock photo marketplace

Smart contract simplified Smart Model and Property Releases
Everyone can simply snap and make money
Availability of the widest range of photographs

A letter to all my fellow photographers

Welcome to Imagol, a decentralized blockchain digital library where anyone can monetize his or her creation. We hope to inspire creativity and nurture future talents, and the platform protects digital assets, ensures everyone involved in the process is remunerated.

I was a design student pursuing a diploma in graphic design, and photography class was part of the curriculum. I bought my first camera, a Nikon 801, and I spent many hours outdoors cultivating this newfound interest. I was lucky to have won my first photography competition during school year. A few years later, I started my career as an art director in an advertising company. I became a user of stock photos; I search for photos daily like all other designers. The price of a stock photo can be rather expensive, but I thought since photographers spent time outdoors trying to capture the most beautiful photo ­at the exact moment, the price is acceptable. Until many years later, I found out the hidden truth: large stock photo libraries take 85% of a stock photo sale. Photographers get 15% and these add-on costs push stock photos beyond affordability.

Cheaper stocks photo libraries or mini-stock offers limited amateur photos. Those that stand out will be bought over and shut down. These public listed photo libraries are actually monopolizing the market and fixing the price of stock images. The high prices of stock photos after the add-on costs discourage many users from paying despite their willingness to support original work. Isn’t it more convenient for us illegal “free” downloads through search engines?

Imagol will allow photographers to be in control of the pricing, copyrights, improve licensing management and create a fair market. Imagol team will continue to support and nurture photographers, make licensed digital images more affordable, expand the size of the underlying market for digital images. With smart phone camera, everyone can be involved in photography. We will strive to uncover creative talents in underprivileged communities and equip them with photography skills to support and improve their livelihood through Imagol.

Change the World with Photography

We aim to recruit and attract socially conscious photographers to provide free photography coaching platform for underprivileged communities in developing countries and nurture their talents.