Building the widest and the most diverse range of license stock photos
Imagol is a community driven platform of stock photos that supports and nurtures photographers, providing users of stock photos with affordable prices while giving better financial rewards to the photographers.

About Us

While a photographer goes miles to take a photo, we go the distance to protect it

Imagol is a blockchain enabled peer to peer stock library network that enables secure and convenient access to digital stock images using blockchain technology that allows photographers to be in control of the pricing and rights to their creations.

This ecosystem will benefit photographers, ensures trust, security, transparency, removes complicated legal issues, improves license management, creates a fair market, and makes images more affordable by introducing competition in the almost monopolized digital stock image market.

We believe anyone can be a photographer and we strive to ensure that photographers are motivated in the creation of original work.

We work to uncover creative talents in underprivileged communities and equip them with photography skills to support and improve their livelihood through Imagol.

Photographers are in control of pricing

Photographers are free to set a price in the free market.

Smart contract simplified Smart Model and Property Releases

Smart contract simplifies complicated releases, ensuring all parties are rightfully compensated

Photographers are better rewarded financially

Now photographers keep up to 85% of photo sales.

Everyone can simply snap and make money

A low barrier of entry will attract millions of professional and amateur photographers worldwide to the platform.

Trust, Secure and Transparent on blockchain

Powered by the entherum blockchain, transactions and licenses will be registered on a public ledger, allowing better transparency.

Availability of the widest range of photographs

By involving everyone, there will be a wide range of digital images, and the price of digital images will be competitive and affordable.